Easily control download and upload rate for every computer in your network, limit bandwidth quota and time usage, share Internet connection (NAT), configure firewall and more…

Bandwidth Manager Features

Quick & Easy Bandwidth Manager Setup

Windows 10, 8, 7, Server OS

All editions

Use any Windows PC with two network cards to install your Bandwidth Management gateway. It works with virtually all hardware you already have in your network.

No client software installation

All editions

Control wired and wireless computers, phones and devices without any client software installation. Independent of the client operating system.

DNS Web Filter


Block adult websites, drugs, alcohol, or prevent access to social networks, shopping websites etc to increase productivity. Over 100 categories helps to fine tune filtering. Redirect blocked websites to IP, URL, or a customizable restricted-access page.

Number of Simultaneous Connections

All editions

After registering Bandwidth Manager software you can configure number of simultaneous connections. Demo version allows 3 devices, along with restart time restrictions.

Manage download and upload limits

All editions

Easily configure download and upload speed for all users in the system, or configure individual user accounts. For example, all students get 100 Kb/s while teachers get 1 Mbit/s.

Lower Internet costs by controlling bandwidth

All editions

Define the upload and download rates for the entire network or individual users. Allow new users to access the network with default speeds, or limit Internet access only to known users to save on bandwidth costs.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager helps you control and limit Internet usage, download and upload, data traffic for every computer in your network. It runs on a Windows 10 / 8 / 7 or Server OS and is super easy to setup and use.

Computers can be limited with specified time and quota per session, day time when access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity.

Control Your Local Network Computers

Manage bandwidth quota limits

All editions

Configure available bandwidth quota limits for all users, for selected users only, or allow unlimited quota for desired users. A Bandwidth quota is configured in Mbytes for every user and represents the total amount of available traffic.

Bandwidth Features

All editions

Easily assign monthly limits, daily limits, or both. Example: user can download 5 GB monthly, with 100 MB daily limit.

MAC and IP Whitelist


Enables specified computers (identified by MAC address of network card) to pass-through the Bandwidth Manager. For example: allow your home computer to acquire access without any limitations.

Fixed MAC


Limit an account so it can login only from one computer. If MAC address does not exist yet, it will be stored in the first login. From that moment, a user has to use the same computer.

Host Whitelist


User can browse specified host sites without authentication. You can allow browsing of company website for advertisement free of charge.

Highly Flexible User Accounts


Create user accounts and configure download and upload rate, available time and bandwidth quota, assign daily limits for time and quota, limit number of daily sessions, expiration date, multilogin, autologin, inactivity timeout, allowed time of day for access and many more options.

Control unknown users in your network

All editions

Auto login feature automates login process for unknown users on your network (who does not have user profile). Automatically logged-in users get specified download and upload rate, quota, daily limits etc.

Advanced User and Autologin Settings


Allow login in specified time interval, configure pause between logins, maximum allowed logins, expiration date, bandwidth quota daily limit, daily time usage limit, maximum daily logins.

Access Management

Configure fixed IP or MAC devices


Grant Internet access to devices with known IP or MAC. If an IP/MAC is found in the database, the computer is logged in and displayed in the list.

Internet Sharing (NAT)

All editions

Bandwidth Manager optionally uses NAT to share Internet connection to your network. This allows you to share one Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, wireless…) to all your users.

Watch online activity per user

All editions

Real time user activity shows download, upload, remaining data transfer quota, time usage. Activity is updated each second for each user account, IP and MAC address.

Multiple Location Support

All editions

Connect all your locations in one network and use the same database. Users will be able to use their remaining time on any of the locations. For example, WISP can use multiple Internet lines in different parts of the city and connect all locations in one network and one database.

Connection Log

All editions

Check-out connection attempts in your network. Every device connection is stored in the log with IP, MAC, Port and time. If the user device is known and allowed to use the Internet, it’s automatically logged in and displayed in the connection list.

Activity Log

All editions

Bandwidth Manager stores different actions, including session start and stop, time of login attempts etc. Database is encoded and protected from unauthorized modifications.

Bandwidth Manager Software Features

  • Limit Usage Time

  • Control Access to Internet

  • API Integration

  • Autologin Sessions

  • Restricted Area Control

  • IP and Port Filtering

  • URL Tracking

  • Limit data transfer

  • MAC Whitelist

  • Host Whitelist

  • No Client Installation

  • Manage Upload & Download Limits

  • Connection Sharing
  • High security level
  • and much more features …

Keep Your Network Secure

Get Real-time usage reports

All editions

Know all your bandwidth statistics and usage including who is using it, how long, and what they are doing. Check the number of logins per day, time usage, download or upload trends.

IP and Port Filtering


Specify IP and port blocking rules for outgoing traffic. Option can be used to limit only specific services, like limit ftp or email usage, or to disable complete access to IP range. For example disable IP addresses to and port range 10-100.

Block Websites


Disable access to desired host IPs, and redirect them to any other IP and port. For example, redirect all blocked websites to your website homepage.

URL Tracking


Log URL addresses that users visit along with their username, IP, MAC and date and time when page was visited.

Customize restricted page


Restricted page is displayed in the customer browser when a customer tries to access restricted website

Login Password

All editions

To access all software options, the administrator must enter a password. Staff will not be able to access and modify account details if not authorized.

Who is Using Bandwidth Manager Software?

Bandwidth Manager Setup is Easy

You need a Windows PC computer with two network cards and our Bandwidth Management software. Automatically control users download and upload speed, and limit Internet access with remaining quota and time. No client installations. If you wish to control WiFi laptops, you will need access point/router for providing WiFi leases to computers on network. Bandwidth Manager can run on any Windows – from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Server OS.

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